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LOVE love love the sugar scrub!!!
            -- Bowling Green, OH

I am quite a (lip balm) connoisseur, and I have tried almost every (kind) sold in America. When I got Jolly Llama Lip Balm for Christmas it has changed my life.
              -- Washington, D.C.

It (Whipped Dream Cream) is saving my hands.
              --  Chicago, IL

I love all the products you have made for me.  I especially appreciate, enjoy and use often the (Citrus Burst) sugar scrub you made for my face.  The sugar removes dry skin and the oil lubricates the skin, as well as is pleasant smelling.  My face is smooth and not dry - which is not an easy thing to do  at age 77 and in this cold sub-zero weather we have been having.  Please keep up the good work!
          -- Dodgeville, WI

One night after snow shoveling I tried this Whipped Dream Cream and used a little. Since it was not greasy or messy I used a touch more - and my skin was soothed! The next snow removal was heavier and for the first time I had itching and rough skin on the outside part of my right leg. The Whipped Dream Cream worked again. With the little I use I have enough to last me for many years. I am thankful for trying the Dream Cream!
            -- Argyle, WI

I received Jolly Llama products for the holidays, and I love them!
               -- Kingsport, TN

I am enjoying my Holiday Memories (scented Whipped Dream Cream) so very much!
                -- Murfreesboro, TN

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