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About JL Naturals

Jolly Llama Naturals was created to provide to local community with an affordable product line that is both safe and beneficial to the environment and our customers.  Every one of our recipes is original to Jolly Llama, and based on recent research of the ingredients and the way they affect our environment and people.  In short, we think our products are pretty wonderful, and hope you do too! 

A little more about Sadie, the creator and owner of Jolly Llama Naturals:

                                                      Sadie Harris, M.Ed, ATC/L, LMT 

Sadie is a Licensed Massage Therapist (License #8143) and an Internationally Certified Aromatherapist from Middle Tennessee.  She received her Aromatherapy Certification from The Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy in San Rafael, California, and is also a graduate from Natural Health Institute in Nashville.  Sadie is a practicing massage therapist, and owns her own massage therapy studio (Harmony Inspired Massage Therapy).   In addition to massage and aromatherapy, Sadie is a Certified Athletic Trainer and loves working at Tennessee School for the Blind and teaching at Middle Tennessee State University.  She loves animals and has rescue dogs named Nelhybel and Troy, and fosters retired racing greyhounds.  She enjoys gardening, raising chickens, climbing mountains, and baking in her free time, and always looks forward to creating new recipes for Jolly Llama products!  


The brand name Jolly Llama was created because llamas are such wonderful animals and, well, who doesn't love a happy llama face on all of their natural products!  :)   


   As always, please recycle.  The bottles that your products come in can be recycled in the colored glass
                                                 bins and the tin bins.

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