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Welcome to Jolly Llama Naturals!  Our products are each handcrafted by Sadie Harris, an Internationally Certified Aromatherapist in Middle Tennessee.  Only the most pure, natural ingredients are used in each of our products to create wonderfully blended bath and body care items that are both healthy for you and our environment. 

Jolly Llama Naturals will never water down nor dilute products, and has created each and every recipe to make the products.  The recipes are based on up-to-date research to blend the best possible product for you. 


 You can place an order by contacting me.  And keep an eye out for us at the local farmers' markets!                                              
   We support local natural businesses, and thank you for doing the same!  

All Jolly Llama products are handmade and not tested on animals.  Because they are natural products you may notice slight variations in color, scent, and consistency. 

I test each product on friends and family members for years before selling them to the public, but you may still find that a product does not work the way you would like it to.  If you are unsatisfied with any of the products please contact me for a full refund. 

   As always, please recycle.  The bottles that your products come in can be recycled in the colored glass
                                                 bins and the tin bins. 

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